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The Teleholic Pt. 2


a hit dog will holler

Written by: Inda-Craig Galvan
Directed by: Joshua Christian Wyatt

A social media influencer and a boots-on-the-ground activist form a complex bond of friendship to help each other survive as American racism manifests as a physical form.


Stage Manager:
Sound Designer:

Media Designer:
Lighting Designer:
Costume Designer:

Scenic/Props Designer:



Sammie Paul

Gabrielle Harper

Tate Abdullah

Bea Esfahani

Jessica Winward

Emily Marshburn

Natalie Eslami

Abiola Obatolu

Jade Langan

These short films diagnose our current humanity and its psychological relationship with media, by highlighting a compelling, haunting, and lustful affair that unconsciously affects our social connectivity to others and ourselves.

The Teleholic Pt. 1


Created and Directed by:
Joshua Christian Wyatt

The Teleholic Pt. 2

Director of Photography:

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Production Assistant:


Visual Effects:

Original Score:




Kevin Galloway

Terrell Robinson

D’Aura Ponton

William Lowe

Katie Pyzowski

Brenna Power

Iana Dobreva

Charlie Knott

Joe Brauch

Jahquan Wynder

Darius Fraiser

After a falling out, two former best friends re-connect following four years of silence to ceremoniously open their fifth-grade time capsule and hopefully restore the friendship. A reminder that forgiveness is not weakness.

Boys Go To Jupiter

Directed by: Jordyn Katz
Asst. Director: Joshua Christian Wyatt

An annual fashion show that gathers artistry in producing, modeling, designing, and dancing, to create integrative, wearable fashion that has evolved into the largest fashion event in Pittsburgh. 

Broadcast Directed by:
Joshua Christian Wyatt

The Cotton Man

The cotton man

Created & Directed by: Joshua-Christian Wyatt

Dear Investors,

You have been individually hand-selected by our Board of Trustees to attend the third annual Allegiance Keynote! As the pioneers of education’s future, we invite you to relearn history with the assistance of our products and programs. This year, our newest, patented historical ambassador, The Cotton Man, will be integrated.


Our team at Allegiance thanks you for your dedicated support and hopes you will continue to show your support in celebrating this groundbreaking, joyous occasion.

We hope to see you very soon,

Charlotte Marie Hodge,

Allegiance Founder and CEO


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Cotton Man/Darnell Jackson:
Charlotte Marie Hodge:
Arthur Hodge:
Brian Foster:
Suffrage Sister:
Suffrage Sister:
Gay Agenda:
Rebecca Tyler:

Darnell's Daughter:

Black Boys:

Sammie Paul

Briana Green
Mia Zurovac
Joss Green

Will Hinterhoff
Oona Natesan
Mirah Kozodoy
Iana Dobreva
Davine Byon

Ty Greenwood

Kyle Haden
Lisa Velten-Smith
Gary Logan
Jonathan Vandenberg
Wendy Arons
Mica Harrison Loosmore
Hugh Hanson
Amy Nichols

Simone Joy Jones

Dylan T. Jackson

Isaiah Foster

Laughton Royce Berry 

Michael Basil


Music by: Sunday Saari
Co-Directed with Brenna Power


Director of Photography:

Lighting Design:



Ending Presence:

Sunday Saari

Kevin Galloway

Jacob Wesson

Matthew Zweibel

Sammie Paul

Tara Clinkscales

Cate Hayman

Rayven Bailey

Samantha Ozeas

Cassiel Eatock

Sanna Legan

Adam Brett

"This song was written during a time of grief and loss, the feeling of losing those in our lives that we love is indescribable. This piece keys into the expression of sorrow, and those who are there to pick you back up after the fact."           - Sunday Saari

Yes Sir/No Sir is a true 'post college' afro-futuristic coming of age story that embraces self identity like no other. 

Brenna Power

Claire Farrokh

Michelle Li

Jeremy St. Hilaire

Kevin Galloway

Javi Galarza-Garcia

Damian Dominquez

Andrew Abrahamsen

Saran Bakari

Laughton Royce Berry


Production Manager:

Art Director:



Sound Supervisor:





YESSIR/NO SIR : Seat at the table

Directed & Written by: Kameron Kierce
Asst. Directed: Joshua-Christian Wyatt


Written by: Amiri Baraka
Directed:Kayla Stokes
Asst. Directed by: Joshua-Christian Wyatt

Lula, a white woman, and Clay, a black man, who both ride the subway in New York City. The characters engage in a long, flirtatious conversation throughout the train ride.

Charmaris Darias

Renee Madrigal

Rob Lewiss

Chazz Malott

Damian Dominguez

Jiahui Shi


Dylan T. Jackson

Amanda Ripley

Stage Manager:


Asst. Dramaturg:

Lighting Designer:
Costume Designer:
Scenic Designer: