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| ty.coon

When rumors of a potential executive promotion spreads across a private San Francisco city planning office, Ty commissions the demolishment of a historically black neighborhood he grew up in---hoping to push consideration in his favor; however, when Ty is unable to answer to his displaced relatives and friends about certain decisions, he must choose to either answer to himself, or another entity that lurks for answers: Coon. 

play : 2022

| pasture

After mysteriously waking up in a desert with only a backpack and cassette tapes---featuring testimonials, admissions, and stories shared from black men in his family lineage---Adamah must journey the length of an ever-changing environment while battling his consuming thoughts, memories, mistakes, and vices; however, when an abandoned baby crosses his path, Adamah must decide to leave the child or trek him along his travel towards green fields and pastures that may not await in the distance.

feature : 2022

| tribes

In 1947, Elijah Frame—--a newly-inducted Boy Scout—--becomes deathly petrified of his nightmares after believing his alien abduction in Roswell, New Mexico the summer before to be more than just a dream. Still refusing to sleep one year later, Elijah is confronted with word of his best friend, Dakota Lopez, falling into a mysterious coma soon after the evaporation of The Bottomless Lake was labeled as an extraterrestrial phenomena. While Roswell’s notorious hysteria, paired with rumors of an alleged sexual incident involving a minor festers through a campsite of non-believers within a town of believers, Elijah is left caught in the middle with his own beliefs, when a night terror reveals horrific aliens probing a sleeping Dakota aboard their spaceship. 

pilot : 2022

| the cotton man

On the precipice of bankruptcy, Allegiance—--an educational corporation with sights set on replacing traditional textbooks as the new progressive face of historical/immersive learning in academia—--CEO, Charlotte Hodge, and private correctional investor, Arthur Hodge, are set to reveal to the Department of Education the prototype of their newest, bombastic, and most obedient teaching ambassador, The Cotton Man.

play : 2022

| thousandth swim

an egotistically immortal goldfish


an imaginatively mournful little girl

play : 2022

| ketchup

short film : 2022

Stuck between a hoarder’s memories and unfinished sentiments with her mother, Ava can only find solace beneath the rusty cracks of broken jewelry——basking in expired ketchup.

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